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Star Clippers

Since the ancient times a sailing vessel is a symbol of harmony between human being and nature. And nothing can be better for a romantic honeymoon than an incredible cruise aboard one of the unique Sailing Passenger Vessels: Star Flyer, Star Clipper, and Royal Clipper.

Star Clippers ships balance tradition, luxury, safety and comfort. All these ships are inferior to none of modern cruise liners in this respect and have the highest rating possible.


Romantic cruise on Star Clippers

Romantic cruise on Star Clippers

If you think where to go for honeymoon but do not want to hear about traditional honeymoon destinations, cruising vacations offered by Star Clippers will be the best choice for you. The sailing vessels can harbor in places unattainable for the huge floating hotel-cruise ships. So that you will be able to enjoy the local fests and entertainments at many wonderful ports of call or explore the beauty of exotic islands like Dominica and St. Lucia by taking part in shore excursions. The other things that would make your honeymoon unforgettable are scuba diving in the Tobago Cays, water skiing, and windsurfing while the ship is at anchor.

Romantic honeymoon on Star Clippers

Best honeymoon on Star Clippers

Of course, there are a lot of things to do aboard as well as ashore. Just think: what could be better for newlyweds during their romantic honeymoon than the private, warm and relaxing atmosphere of “mega-yacht”, the spacious outdoor environment on open decks under full sails, comfortable cabins decorated in the classic style of the Golden Age of Sail, and a great deal of modern conveniences: swimming pools, fitness center, massage room, bar, TV, library…

Taking all these things under consideration, any voyage by Star Clippers taken as a honeymoon vacation may so deeply impress you that you would want to experience it over and over again

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2 Comments → “ Star Clippers ”

  1. Bill

    6 years ago

    Star Clippers Company has 3 biggest Sailing Ships. If you would like to feel as an aristocrat from past, you should buy or rent popular clothes of the 18th century for you and for your companion. When I experienced Star Clippers first time I had unexpectable feelings. I and my wife with our best friends bought a cruise in the Caribbean Sea. Aboard the ship you can lounge in a traditional bar in traditional style. At this bar you can get everything you wish from martini and beer to the most expensive rum. We rented 4 medieval costumes for night parties with our ladies. It was fantastic. Girls were shocked when two young businessmen turned into medieval gentlemen with flowers. So you’d better use your brain and think how you can make a real holiday for your love. Star Clippers can easily help you. Have a great vacation! :)


  2. Allan

    6 years ago

    I got married 7 years ago and unfortunately I didn’t have money for such cruise that time. But for the fifth anniversary of our wedding I already could afford it. I gave heed to the fact that the voyage aboard Star Flyer was cheaper than analogical in duration cruise by traditional liner, Sun Princess, for example. Actually I’ve never been on board such liner but I strongly believe that Star Clippers provide luxuries of the same class. You see, pools that can use either salt or fresh water, telephone, e-mail, etc. I visited captain’s bridge specially in order to see modern navigation equipment. A fireplace with electronic imitation of fire is set in a library. If the memory serves me right, the library is decorated in Edwardian style…I can hardly remember features of this style, but it is splendid anyway. All these ancient paintings, wooden décor and a lot of other things I mentioned before make the ship not only the example of modern safe cruise liner but also a masterpiece, beautiful and elegant.
    I still live under impression of that cruise. I remember every minute of the passage…Though 2 years already passed. I’m afraid, I won’t be able to wait for 10th anniversary :) Maybe we’ll go aboard one of these ships this year.


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