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Sunny Bulgaria!

 Guys, if you have never been to Bulgaria with its sunny beaches, it’s definitely worth to visit it. Don’t miss any opportunity to travel, because it makes our life brighter and more various, and broadens the horizons. Especially to the Eastern Europe. In the end, thanks to traveling we make friends with different people all around the world and get that precious experience in our life.

Sometimes you lie in your bed in your cold dull flat and dream of appearing somewhere in warm place. Yesterday was exactly such a day, when I was lying in my cold bed and recalling my rest in the sunny country of Bulgaria.

Yes, it was a really long way from the USA to the seaside resort of Bulgaria – Varna. It took me two days to reach Varna airport, it was quite exhausting trip. And I knew that Varna was not my final destination, I had to go to the resort town on the Black Sea called Golden Sands, where my hotel was booked. I was going for 2 hours by bus to Golden Sands, I was so tired and did not want anything, that time I had not known what waited for me yet.

And finally I arrived there. It was something special. It was very hot, that moment I was not used to such climate, I knew that I needed some days to get acclimatized to the new conditions, but it did not worry me at that moment. The nature was juicy green, some trees were covered with fruits, such as figs, (due to the hot climate), bushes were covered with various flowers and of course, the coast of the Black Sea, blue, transparent water with sandy and stony beaches, it was incredible!

Lucky was I, my hotel was situated just near the coast and even my room had a view to the Black Sea. Perfect! I left my belongings and went to explore the new interesting land. Wide passages, busy streets, a lot of people, hotels, a market for tourists with a big amount of different souvenirs and food, of course, local farmers market far away from it – with various tasty Bulgarian foods and fruit.

I was really surprised that Bulgarian people speak English quite well. During the day there was gorgeous rest near the Black Sea: luxurious beaches with chaise-longue, bars with cocktails and snacks, discos on the beach and so on. I was having a rest at the beach, lying on the chaise-lounge, drinking Margarita, dreams came true. I even wondered that there were plugs on the beach, where you could charge your phone. So when I needed it, I simply took out my Volts Lightning Cable and charged my iPhone.

At night I enjoyed a wide variety of night clubs, entertainments, restaurants and so on. Everyone can find something interesting for themselves. I managed to go round all the discos nearby, to dance and drink all night and simply to have a fun. I visited seafood restaurant and amusement park. It was amazing.

Despite it is so far away and people know little about it, Bulgaria is worth visiting. It is a place where you can have a rest and amuse yourself at the same time. So don’t be slow, do it, visit this wonderful place! :)


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