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Sweet Rest in the Sweet Country

Can you imagine your rest to be sweet? How can it be? To answer these questions you should visit Fiji (The Republic of the Fiji Islands). This country is the bouquet of islands in the South Pacific and you will be convinced of it when you visit Fiji.

To begin with, it is a great happiness to have a sweet rest there. Why sweet? Let you know this slight secret – because the sugar industry is one of the main there. By the way, the tourism industry is highly developed there, too. So it is not obligatory to be married to have a sweet holiday or rest. But if you are so happy to get married and to arrange your honeymoon travel to Fiji you are as happy as nobody is in the whole world.

Though Fiji is a very strong country and has a highly developed economy there are some ancient tribes which are independent from each other and have its own culture, traditions and customs and even its leader and a District Chief. So you may be so lucky to touch to their manner of life. You may communicate with them in English, Fijian or in Indian if you know those languages in a proper way. So it is possible to imagine yourselves in the past and in the present at once. It seems strange enough but very interesting.

fiji honeymoon vacation

Try to join different festivals or ceremonies, concerts or shows or any performances. Usually they are well-organized and interesting. You can even try any costume on as you like and take part in the ceremony. That is why your honeymoon trip to Fiji will be unforgettable, interesting, innovating and sweet. Experience it! You will be very satisfied with your honeymoon vacation.

romantic fiji travel

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