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Great! At last, you’ve decided to have your honeymoon resort in Australia. It is a great country, with lots of those exhilarating sceneries you’ve admired in the “Lord of the Rings” movies. Actually, being such a large continent, Australia possesses lots of secluded places which can be perfect locations for you to have a romantic time together, with nobody distracting your attention from each other.

Surprisingly, many newlywed couples just neglect Australia while searching where to go for honeymoon. Perhaps they consider it either being either too boring or too ordinary, or too secluded, or too something else. In fact, they just don’t realize the endless possibilities which this country can give.

romantic australian honeymoon

However, in fact, deciding to travel to Australia is like wanting to have your honeymoon in Africa. First of all, one should choose a specific city to have their honeymoon in. A good idea is traveling to Sydney. It is a comparatively young city, founded nearly two centuries ago, which managed to become a huge bustling city, with amazing attractions and rich nightlife.

Sydney is also well-known worldwide by its Opera House, which is perhaps one of the most romantic places in this honeymoon resort.

Sydney is unique by the fact that one can combine lots of different activities almost in one place. For example, the well-known Rocks district is a must for you to visit. Here you can enjoy the chick of the posh restaurants and boutiques, admire the sophisticated past of the city, have a gorgeous look at the views of the Harbor Bridge and Opera House, and just spend a perfect time together.

sydney honeymoon packages

Furthermore, you should definitely get all the advantages of the “classic” honeymoon on the beaches of this honeymoon resort. Just lay back on the wide stretches of the white soft sand, and enjoy sunbathing and the warm turquoise waters.

If you want to have some extreme, you can have a 440-feet climb on the bridge over the Sydney Harbor. Unforgettable emotions guaranteed!

In conclusion, there should not be any hesitations on the topic where to go on honeymoon if you understand that traveling to Sydney is quite a good option for you.

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4 Comments → “ Sydney ”

  1. Nataly

    6 years ago

    I dream about visiting Sydney someday


  2. Jeremy

    6 years ago

    We travelled to Sydney to have fun and to attend the national Sydney Mardi Gras Festival. In March the weather is changeable so we had to take a lot of different clothes. It is difficult to predict the weather.
    We have seen many places of interest. I liked The Royal Botanic Gardens and it’s variety of plants. This park looks like a small place of “peace” while situated in the very heart of a large metropolis. Also I was impressed by the Sydney central business district. I don’t know why but this district is a place of total vanity and architectural pride. All the buildings look like one great and fantastic object that feeds your eyes :) We even went to Balmain to make a few photos of the modern Sydney. If you will be here in this city don’t forget to buy a map with you or download the Google maps, because this city is really huge and it is so easy to get lost (even for a guy).


  3. Antonella

    6 years ago

    Sydney is a modern city with a great number of citizens. As for me, Sydney is interesting with its variety of buildings. Here you can find a metropolis with skyscrapers and massive bridges with strong structure, ancient NSW Parliament house and original Sydney Conservatorium of Music. I was in Sydney for two days and understood that Sydney is a heavy and huge city. As for me, it is hard to have a rest there, especially at summer. I am from New York and I know that it is practically impossible to find fresh and clean air at big cities. But it is so cool that near the big metropolis you can find a beach that is quite good for having fun and to abstract yourself from everyday problems. I called Avalon beach and it is clean and is under government protection, that’s why it is a nice place to have a rest and to forget about a loud city behind your back. It is also a good place to practice water sports near the seaside.


  4. Rick

    6 years ago

    My friends and I spent five days in Sydney. It’s a great city with lots of tourist attractions! Sydney harbour really is the most picturesque harbour in the world. There are plenty of water activities. You can choose ferries, kayaks, row boats or sailboats. Great restaurants with breathtaking views. We strolled around Circular Quay, ate in restaurants, listened to live music and had a lot of fun. We had lunch at Doyles at Watson Bay. They offer great seafood there! We also walked from the Opera House to the Botanical Gardens. It was my dream to see this theater in real. Opera House is what Sydney is popular for. Botanical Gardens were beautiful. We learned a lot about exotic plants. And, of course, Sydney beaches! We went to Manly Beach, then the walkway leads to Shelly beach. It’s a nice little place, perfect for swimming or snorkeling. We took picnic baskets and spent the whole day there. Beyond Shelly Beach we found a path along the cliffs. There were a lot of beautiful birds. We didn’t forget to visit some shops and markets. Paddington Markets is my favourite place for shopping. What I liked about this place is they sell Australian-made goods. Most things there were original and unique. I bought a nice painting and a necklace there. It’s a great place to spend a Saturday morning.


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