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Tahiti honeymoon in French Polynesia

French Polynesia is fittingly called the best place to celebrate and kick off your new life together after the wedding.  More than 100 small islands enchant every visitor with their calm romantic beauty and exhilarating splendor. Covered with emerald-green forests, the islands float  in the turquoise ocean waters seducing your mind and senses.

If you travel to French Polynesia, visiting Tahiti is inevitable as the only International airport is located on this island. Tahiti is the biggest island of the whole group and perhaps the ‘coolest’ one. This is why French Polynesia is often synonymous with Tahiti itself.

This island perfectly represents an incredible and unique mix of two opposite cultures –  that of Polynesia and France. This combination can be vividly seen everywhere in Tahiti: in luxurious hotel service,  fine restaurants, even in the street architecture! This is the only place where you can feel it, and if only for this atmosphere, it is worthwhile to travel to French Polynesia and Tahiti.

tahiti honeymoon resort

What makes Tahiti even a better honeymoon resort is its people. Always friendly and helpful, smiling and cheerful, they’re ready to share with you their happiness and joy of living in such a paradise. So do not  feel confused or shy when you are offered a glass of pineapple juice and presented with a fragrant garland of flowers upon your arrival.  Tahitians are very hospitable and these gestures welcome you to their dreamy paradise.

French Polynesia, and especially Tahiti are a perfect honeymoon destination for those who seek privacy and seclusion. Did you know that on average, Tahiti is visited  by fewer tourists in a year than Hawaii in just 10 days?  The remoteness of this wonderland only adds to its charm;  it won’t take you long to find a secluded beach and enjoy yourselves and the perfectly romantic Polynesian sunsets.

where to go for honeymoon

No Tahitian honeymoon is complete without staying in the world-renown overwater bungalows famous for their traditional island architecture, a highly romantic atmosphere coupled with upscale five-star service and amenities.

Tahiti is a great honeymoon destination not only because it has perfect beaches and breathtaking views. For the adventurous couples, there is a wide variety of activities that can please the most demanding clientele.

For those wanting to learn more about local culture, strolling around the Papeete, the capital of  Tahiti, will allow you to discover the bustling city life. Here you can wind down in a local café and watch people ; visit central market affectionately called simply  ” Le Marche”  with its colourful display of tropical flowers and fruits,  local handcrafts and unique items like wood carvings, pareu – traditional garment fabric, fragrant oils, coffee and much, much more! Do not forget to buy jewelry pieces made of world-famous Tahitian black pearls.

travel to french polynesia

Also, don’t forget that this honeymoon destination is the birthplace of surfing, one of the most popular watersports  in the world. If you are a surfer, you’ll be very pleased to practice it here. And if not – why not to become one?!

While planning to travel to French Polynesia remember that the best time to visit this region is  during  its dry season which lasts from May till October.

And one more important thing to remember: relax…And enjoy this romantic escape from everyday worries.

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3 Comments → “ Tahiti honeymoon in French Polynesia ”

  1. Jason

    6 years ago

    Tahiti is a place where you can feel comfortable and enjoy the atmosphere of peace. I went to Tahiti alone. Maybe you will think it is stupid but I have my only aim. I decided to kill my fuss at all. All the time I work and work and work. Before Tahiti I was sick and tired. After Tahiti my mood went up and now I feel myself okay! I stayed at Manson’s Cave House near Tautira Beach. It is a lonely and quite place where you can forget about everything. If you feel yourself like a stupid robot in your city it is a definite sign to put aside all your work and tasks and go somewhere to have rest. As you know, sometimes a real man needs time to stay alone. Don’t miss this time. Leisure is very important. Have fun!


  2. Steve

    6 years ago

    Tahiti is one of those places about which you are dreaming on Thursday or Friday during the whole working day. I was there for ten or eleven times. It is a place where I feel myself comfortable and dedicated to myself. When I was 22 years old I suddenly won some money on a football game and took my long-legged girlfriend to travel to Bora Bora for 4 days and to Tahiti for 7 days. After this crazy trip I told myself I would be a guest there annually.
    Right know I am 34 years old and I am a good husband with a lovely wife and 2 little sons. And after all this time I nevertheless adore this place. Tahiti helps me to stop thinking about the daily routine and helps me to recharge my batteries. My wife says she is one of the happiest women in the world. Our family enjoys Tahiti, because it is like our second home. This island is a paradise. In future I will build my own hotel there and invite you to check whether I’m right.


  3. Bruce

    6 years ago

    It was our first visit to Tahiti and everything was interesting for us. We stayed at Le Meridien hotel. A wonderful place for vacation! The staff was very friendly and welcoming. I liked our room, comfortable and clean. The area was beautiful, with a white sand beach. The tour desk at the hotel arranged tours for tourists so we took the snorkeling tour at Moorea. The tour was worth the money we paid for it. Moorea is so beautiful place that we went there the next day. We also booked Natura Exploration Tour. Our guide told us a lot about flora, fauna and history of Tahiti. We swam in the beautiful lagoon along the side of the road, but the highlight of the tour was at the rock pool. It was a real fun for adults and for kids. Don’t miss shows at Le Meridien! They have the hula show on Fridays and a fire show on Saturdays. Excellent and amazing shows! And we also visited some restaurants which offered Asian and Polynesian cuisine. I think roulottes de Place Vaiete is one of the best Asian restaurants in Papeete. Everything was very tasty there: salads, Chinese dishes, pizza. Poisson Cru, the raw fish marinated in lemon and coconut milk, was excellent. Tahiti is a unique island and we can’t wait to go back!


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