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The Big Island

The Big Island is really the largest of all Hawaiian Islands, actually, twice as large as all other islands together. With its volcanoes and rich nature the Big Island is a spectacular spot for a perfect romantic honeymoon vacation. Moreover, the Big Island is one of those places where it is very easy to find cheap honeymoon packages.

Why do most people travel to the Big Island? Of course, to hit the beach! There are several popular beaches, like Anaehoomalu Beach (frequently called by locals A-Bay) or Papakolea Beach, where you can enjoy not only the turquoise waters of the ocean and the welcoming shade of palm trees, but also different water activities like diving, snorkeling or even swimming with dolphins!

If you want to make your honeymoon vacation even more romantic, consider spending an evening in one of the magnificent botanical gardens. Here you will enjoy the abundance of the tropical forest, the eye-candy ocean sceneries as well as glittering streams and tumbling waterfalls.

Hawaii Thurston Lava Tube

Hawaii Thurston Lava Tube

It seems that when you travel to the Big Island it is impossible to eschew visiting Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Here you will find the most active volcano in the world. On no account should you miss the Thurston Lava Tube. It is like a real subway, though without trains but with lava which used to flow here lots of years ago. It is a real natural wonder which will only contribute to the uniqueness and beauty of your honeymoon destination.

If you like camping, why not take a day or two in some picturesque camping spot? You can even set up a camp in the already mentioned Hawaii Volcanoes Park. Though, keep in mind that before you go, you have to get a permit first.

Big Island waterfall

Big Island waterfall

All in all, the Big Island is a perfect Hawaiian place where it is easy to find one of the best cheap honeymoon packages, and then indulge yourselves in the bright sun, turquoise water, lush forests and breathtaking activities!

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