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The Island of Bali

The magical island of Bali, frequently called The Island of Gods, is a magnificent place for a romantic honeymoon. This charming place can easily be named the heaven on earth, for its natural beauty, relaxing atmosphere and perfect sceneries.

The island is situated among those thousands of islands between the two enigmatic continents, Asia and Australia. Undoubtedly, after a nearly 24-hour flight you will arrive exhausted. But after your stay, no matter how long it is, you will never want to leave this place.

Romantic Honeymoon vacation on Bali

Romantic honeymoon vacation on Bali

The kind people of Bali are always greeting you with a warm smile, friendly attitude and willingness to help. Travel to Bali to discover this island each day, step by step, and nevertheless leave it still undiscovered. Everything you meet here: the locals, the Hindu temples, exceptional handicrafts, even traditional Balinese dancing – will leave unforgettable impressions in your memory and your heart.

Actually, it is one of those few places where you get even more than you expect for your money. The upscale hotels in Bali offer you a wide range of accommodations which are always unique – you will hardly find two similar rooms on this island. It is easy to find some cheap honeymoon packages here – the choice is really wide.

bali honeymoon

Remember that the best time to travel to Bali for a romantic honeymoon is two months in spring (April and May) and two months in autumn (September and October).

After you have settled in a hotel (having chosen it for offering quite cheap honeymoon packages) and had a rest, the most worthy thing to do would be visiting the unique Hindu temples. There are thousands of them – just walk and admire that mystical feeling of wisdom and eternity while watching these humble masterpieces of Hindu sacred architecture.

bali honeymoon destination

You will also enjoy admiring the island’s paradisiacal nature. You will never stop wondering how rich and fabulous it can be. No matter how long you explore it, the island will always have something to amaze you.

Visiting numerous festivals is also a good way of spending your romantic honeymoon. Here you will see and even participate in activities you will not find anywhere else.

In conclusion, if you want to see the paradise while still being alive, the island of Bali is the place you are looking for.

bali cheap honeymoon packages

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2 Comments → “ The Island of Bali ”

  1. Little Suzy

    6 years ago

    Bali is an island that can give you not only perfect nature with special addings but also here you can enrich your cultural level. At Bali you can find temples and different monuments devoted to religion.
    I think that Bali is a place where you can easily forget from what country you are. I recommend you to visit Tanah Lot temple. It is carved and made of one big stone and near this temple you can find a great beach with national inhabitants.
    By the way, if you would like to rent a car it will be a problem for you. Not to rent but to drive, because there are crowds of people everywhere, that’s why I recommend you to rent a motorbike or something like that. Motorbikes are national transport at Bali, so it will be better to take some driving lessons at home before you will decide to go to this ancient island.


  2. Natalie

    6 years ago

    Bali is a very unusual place for vacation. We were there in spring. My friends and I stayed at Komaneka Bisma. I enjoyed this hotel. The location was perfect. It’s rather close to the shops and restaurants. Rooms were very comfortable, with big bathrooms – a huge shower and a bath. The view was breathtaking: rice fields, a river and jungle. Fantastic! There is also a wedding chapel. There were many honeymooners in the hotel. We didn’t spend a lot of time in the room as there is much to do in Ubud. Visiting the Bali Spirit Festival is a good chance to discover the culture of this island. If you like yoga, dance, music don’t miss this festival! It has about 100 workshops over 5 days. The yoga classes are taught by teachers from different countries.
    Night concerts were amazing! There was a lot of music – African, American, Asian. Awesome! We also went to the Tarman Kaja Community performance. We saw Kecak Fire & Trance Dances. Dances were really entertaining and full of energy. Costumes were amazing. We were sitting in the first row but had to move back because of flying coals.
    Shopping in Bali is a real pleasure too. There are lots of shops selling textiles, metalworks, ceramics, paintings, sculpture. Ubud Art Market is a popular place for shopping. I bought a silk batik sarong there. We spent only 4 days on the island but I’m sure we’ll come here again.


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