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The Le Maitai Polynesia Resort Bora Bora

It is frequently called the Pearl of the Pacific. It is rich in friendly people, romantic places and breathtaking sceneries. It is one of the best places in the world to spend your honeymoon in. It is the island of Bora Bora.

Immerse into the laid-back atmosphere of relaxation and recreation enjoying the beauty of the virgin nature, tranquil turquoise waters of the lagoon with its rich life and understanding that this romantic place is the paradise on earth.

romantic destination bora bora

If you think that perfect nature and sea is the only landmark to enjoy in this honeymoon destination, you should know that in Bora Bora can have even more romance. Well-known worldwide overwater bungalows are always available waiting for a new newlywed couple to have another romantic evening inside. Enjoy yourselves on a large bed decorated with exotic local flowers and then go swimming right from your personal balcony – the glittering waters are so warm and pleasant!

Except of admiring the nature, swimming and enjoying yourselves, Bora Bora offers a large number of activities for you not to feel bored in this magical place. You can go for a guided tour throughout the island, or try a wide range of different water activities: snorkeling, canoeing, water skiing, scuba diving, rays and sharks feeding, and even observing the underwater world from the special glass-bottomed boats! Besides this, you can’t but go for a safari tour or a tour over the island in a helicopter.

Besides these activities, people-watching is also quite popular here, as the culture and traditions of Bore Bora people are really unusual and unique. The erotic Tahitian dance which was severely banned by the missionaries is full of emotions, expressive and fiery. Each dance needs days and days of rehearsals and training for every dancer to learn how to move synchronically with each other.

Map of Bora Bora

Map of Bora Bora

The traditional Polynesian tattoos are very important in the culture of the locals. Today you will hardly find a Bora Bora inhabitant who doesn’t have a tattoo.

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3 Comments → “ The Le Maitai Polynesia Resort Bora Bora ”

  1. Jayne

    6 years ago

    My boyfriend and I went to Bora Bora in March. We had a seven day stay at the Hotel Maitai. Everything was excellent: our bungalow, service, helpful and friendly staff and the restaurant. Beautiful beach. A good place to sunbathe, swim and just relax. Do not miss the coral gardens in Bora Bora. It’s a wonderful place to snorkel. We saw so many different kinds of fish!!! It was really colorful.
    One day we hired bikes and went to Matira beach. It’s the best beach in Bora Bora. White beach and very clear water. We spent a lot of time there. Sunsets on Matura Beach are amazing! There are nice snack bars to get something to eat. We usually had a snack in Snack Matira Restaurant. We stopped there after our tour on bicycle. Food was very good, tasty and simple. This is a great place for lunch. Their fish sandwiches were very good and I liked coconut ice cream.
    One more reason to go to this restaurant is the view. You sit at the table, eat your lunch and admire the magnificent view over the lagoon and Matira beach. Fantastic! We heard a lot about Tahitian pearls so we went to Sibani Perles shop, the most famous on the island. I bought a nice necklace with pearls. It was a nice reminder of our vacation on Bora Bora. Our trip to this island was unforgettable. It is one of the best places in the world!!!


  2. Myra

    6 years ago

    The trip to Bora Bora was my husband’s present for my 30th birthday. I was on cloud nine because my dream would come true at last. I can’t describe my delight when I saw this indeed heavenly place. Nothing can compare with the beauty of the island. It is so harmonious, calm and lonely that it seems you can’t find the better place for vacation on the earth.
    We stayed at the overwater bungalow. It is so romantic to awake to the waves lapping in the morning and admire the unusual exotic scenery straight from the terrace, and to watch motley luminous fishes swim in the water at night.
    There are many things to see on the island. You should certainly visit the Coral Gardens. You can’t find such a variety of the underwater world anywhere. Here you can even feed sharks, of course, if you are brave, but I’m not, so I didn’t risk doing it. And it would be nice if you could dive to see closer all the bright colors and wonders of the underwater world. To be honest, it is an unforgettable spectacle. There are a lot of restaurants on the island, so the question where to eat out at night won’t arise. We were at Bloody Mary’s which the celebrities so like. The prices are rather high, but what an atmosphere and food!.. One more peculiarity of the island is a large amount of spas. So women have a place where they can spend their time and money, moreover with benefit. I didn’t notice any essential disadvantages: perfect service, well-wishing staff and people are so nice! What to say in general? Bora Bora is the paradise and just perfect bliss.


  3. Trixi Smith

    6 years ago

    We decided to spend our honeymoon in the Maitai Polynesia. The island of Bora Bora is one of the brightest and most romantic places, so we chose it. The hotel itself was really cute. We were offered a room with a fantastic view. From the moment we arrived there, the staff was nothing but helpful. They led us to our room and provided us with delicious fresh fruits. We really enjoyed the fine sandy beach, free canoe or snorkeling equipment and many other activities. The hotel offered quite a good cuisine. Only, I didn’t like the coffee for breakfast, there was too much hot water and too little coffee. We liked the cleanliness of the beach and the gardens and the beach maintained every day.
    There was a supermarket in the immediate vicinity of the hotel, prices were ok. There were enough tour possibilities, but they were a bit expensive for us. The Tupuna safari tour I would not recommend. It gives you a possibility to enjoy some inland views, but price seems to be too high.
    So I recommend you to go to the The Le Maitai Polynesia Resort Bora Bora.


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