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Tokyo Honeymoon

No seasoned traveler can claim to have seen it all without visiting Japan , and Tokyo in particular.  For couples seeking a unique fusion of Western comfort standards and Asian mystery Tokyo is the city to spend a memorable honeymoon.  This most populous metropolis will amaze and inspire you; your romantic getaway will be allow you to peek at an exotic and elaborate culture, its customs & traditions, cuisine and lifestyle. Here, everything is different, and even if something seems familiar, don’t worry: while the Japanese have adopted many foreign things, they gave them their unique twist.

Tokyo is best explored on foot. In general, taking a guided tour around the city is the first thing people do when they travel to Tokyo. From that time on, you start to understand the uniqueness of this majestic city. First of all, while walking around you start realizing that you’re in the most crowded urban place in the world! and yet , surprisingly, Tokyo is missing downtown! Instead, the city is divided into 23 wards, each of them having its own city center with its amusements and entertainment.

For those couples who appreciate arts and the more traditional aspect of a Japanese culture, Asakusa district is a must see.  The place is filled with historic temples, museums, public gardens and entertainment, such as the traditional Japanese theater -kabuki- and brings to life an atmosphere of  Tokyo as it was decades ago. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of watching a live kabuki performance; while you might not understand the language and dialogues, the art of the performers, sumptuous costumes, unusual make-up and the artistry of dance movements will be enough to make you appreciate  the immortal beauty of the Japanese culture.

japanese theater


One of the main attractions of Tokyo is accessibility to authentic and varied Japanese cuisine. For those interested in the sources of seafood that goes into your sashimi, Tsukiji Fish Market is a great attraction spot. This large wholesale market hosts fruit and vegetable vendors; however, the Market became world-famous due to its daily tuna and seafood auctions. According to most visitors’ reviews, the freshest and most affordable sushi is found in the vicinity of Tsukiji.

The numerous Tokyo temples cannot but lure crowds of tourists all year round. Lots of people travel to Japan to get acquainted with its enigmatic culture, so why not make your honeymoon even more interesting by exploring the sacred places of this wonderful culture?

Romantic Vacation Near Mount Fuji

Romantic Vacation Near Mount Fuji

Reflection of humble beauty is a particular trait of the Japanese culture.  Watching blossoming sakura is not simply relaxing, but also enlightening.  An interesting experience is climbing the Mount Fuji, a well-known symbol of the Japanese calm beauty. Very few emotions can be compared to the ones experienced by witnessing sunrise while climbing Fuji . Almost everybody who has ever done this will attest that those moments are fully worth the 4-hour climbing at night. Actually, such a romantic experience is the best thing you can imagine for the perfect honeymoon vacation.

Of course, you shouldn’t forget about the gorgeous Tokyo parks, attractions (like Disneyland or Tokyo Tower), nightlife, shopping  and insane fashions. Undoubtedly, your honeymoon in Tokyo will be a perfect start of your new life.  You’ll always want to come back here again and again to feel inspired and amazed!

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