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Travel to London for a romantic honeymoon

Lots of newlywed couples dream of traveling to London, and lots of them (even more than you think, actually!) go to this city to spend their romantic honeymoon.

Surely, you want to make your honeymoon vacation as romantic as possible, and you’ll do your best to make it the time of your life. But sometimes it can get… too sweet. Or too commonplace. Here are some honeymoon travel tips worth heeding (if you don’t want to spoil the whole thing, of course!)

Lots of couples go and feed the ducks together. Ok, maybe it is really a romantic experience. But who is traveling to London without attending the London Zoo?! It’ll be quite cool to read something special on the Net about several animals before you go there and surprise your beloved with your knowledge.

Map of the London Zoo

Map of the London Zoo

Then, why not spice your honeymoon vacation with a high-speed water walk? A portion of adrenalin will only make you two even closer – and you will have something to remember after your honeymoon is over. And, yeah, it is romantic. Much more than the overpriced dinner cruise on one of those huge and slow ships on the Thames.

Undoubtedly, a quiet and lovely stroll around the city is quite interesting. When not too long. But it is you who can turn the whole day into a romantic adventure. Conduct a little research, find out what is exhibited here and there, and don’t roam around the museum or gallery aimlessly. Take your spouse to some specific spot, and show him/her some specific thing (e.g., some mysterious stone, or talisman etc.). It’ll turn your honeymoon vacation into a real adventure in the fashion of Indiana Jones or National Treasure.

london cheap honeymoon packages

Finally, don’t forget to have a stroll along the paths of the Richmond Park and Kew Gardens. Here you’ll have a perfect romantic time together. So, heeding these several honeymoon travel tips you’ll have more chances to have the most romantic and interesting honeymoon in the world!

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