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Travel to Miami for the unforgettable honeymoon

Miami – such a short and so mysterious word! Your imagination is increasing greatly, you try to find this city on the map and imagine yourself in a wonderful land in southeastern part of Florida. It is the most popular city in the USA and one of the largest. By the way, Miami has been ranked as the richest American city. It is interesting to know that it has a nickname “the capital of Latin America”, is not it? So it is high time to go there and to clear up everything you want to know.

If you are looking for an interesting place to have your honeymoon vacation, visit Miami and you will remember these wonderful days forever. Try to use all the information about the cruises which are proposed by the Port of Miami. It possesses several of the biggest cruise ships and you will have a possibility to spend some beautiful and romantic days on board of one of its ships. It’s great and very pleasant. The guided tours are organized in a perfect way and the tour organizers will meet all your needs with pleasure. You will enjoy your personal cabins, a restaurant, discos and enjoy lots of other activities.

romantic Miami cruise

The big part of the city is settled on the shores of Biscayne Bay. There you can find many artificially created barrier islands. And there one can find the great geographical phenomena such as the Gulf Stream. Due to it the climate is warm and mild all the year round. This warm ocean current often influences the climate and the temperature in the whole world!

miami honeymoon travel

In Miami you will watch some bright natural views such as Coconut Grove near the Miami Rock Ridge. It is above sea level and it is fantastic. If you are brave enough, do not miss an opportunity to visit Wisconsin glaciation. Continue your honeymoon itinerary to the Biscayne Aquifer, a natural underground source of clean and fresh water. The water in it is great. So your honeymoon trip to Miami will be pleasant, unforgettable and thrilling.

romantic miami

Image by © Alan Schein Photography/CORBIS

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