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Travel to Seychelles: Unforgettable Honeymoon Guaranteed

Have you ever heard about paradise on Earth? Pristine nature, rare and even unique species of plants and animals, favorable weather conditions all year round – that is what makes Seychelles a perfect and desired place for a romantic honeymoon trip.

In general, this archipelago consists of 115 granite or coral islands and is situated not far from mainland Africa in the Indian Ocean. Whenever you arrive to Seychelles you will definitely find pastime to your liking. There are various possibilities for those who like adventure holidays or those who prefer calm recreation.

Seychelles romantic travel

Enjoy clean sandy beaches or swim in crystal pure waters of the ocean, go snorkeling, sailing or kayaking, explore fantastic underwater world of the islands. By the way, Seychelles are among world’s 10 diving destinations!

If you are fond fishing – that’s exactly the place for you. Want some diversity? Take a boat, a helicopter or a plane to go to different islands of the archipelago and see a very old and picturesque botanical garden, Aldabra atoll with its over 100 000 giant tortoises and Bird Island, where millions of birds come to hibernate, investigate on your own small islands with virgin tropical forests or climb the highest peak of Seychelles which is situated on the biggest island called Mahe.

seychelles honeymoon vacation

Get acquainted with native culture by visiting the National museum, artisan’s village, tea tavern or by tasting local dishes and amazing “coco de mer”.

Although the honeymoon trip to Seychelles can turn out a bit expensive sometimes – be sure these majestic islands are really worth visiting and you’ll never forget this vacation!

romantic honeymoon travel

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