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Traveling to London for a honeymoon

People travel to London for various reasons. Some of them are going to spend their romantic honeymoon there; others want to see the London Olympic Games 2012. There are even those couples who combine their honeymoon vacation with the main sporting event of the year, and kill two birds with one stone.

It is quite easy to witness that huge sports occasion: just travel to London during the time when the London Olympics are held, from the 27th of July to the 12th of August.

Surely, if you’re not the sport fans, try to procrastinate the beginning of your honeymoon vacation in London in order it not to coincide with any events like the Olympic Games, when it’s always crowdy and noisy on the streets, and the feeling of romance is too far from the city. (It can be even more difficult to find any cheap honeymoon packages during that time.)

London to Paris with Eurostar

Travel from London to Paris with Eurostar

If you are planning to have your romantic honeymoon in London, Google up the word “Eurostar”. Lots of people advice the newlywed couples to spend their unforgettable honeymoon in the two romantic and legendary cities of Europe: London and Paris.

You can even plan your honeymoon to arrive to London, then go to France by Eurostar and get off from the airport in Paris. In this way you’ll have the perfect possibility to enjoy both the legendary greatness of the capital of Anglo-Saxons and the mysterious romance of the City of Love.

It doesn’t actually matter whether you’re going to visit Paris during your vacation in London or not. Nevertheless, if you’re seeking for the cheap honeymoon packages, you’d better hurry, as the sooner you book, the less you pay.

London metro map

London metro map

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