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Trip To Continental Greece. Part 2

 Hello, my dear readers! I’m happy to be with you.

I continue to tell about my trip to Greece. As I have already said Thessaloniki was not my final destination, though I was very excited after visiting it.

So I left Thessaloniki with a feeling of total satisfaction and headed for Chalkidiki. It is a peninsula and part of the Region of Central Macedonia. There is an interesting fact that Aristotle was born here. It took me approximately 2 hours to reach Chalkidiki. I arrived to my hostel in Polygyros – the capital of Chalkidiki. It was quite nice, especially because my room had the sea view. I left my baggage, took my smaller bag with necessary things like Volts Lightning Cable (very useful thing during traveling, as I have noticed) and decided to go and have some snack.

I found out from local citizens that there was a nice café not so far from my hostel, so not thinking a lot I went there. I found that place without any difficulties, it was a typical national café, decorated in colors of the Greek flag, and the branches of the bloomy Bougainvillea trailed down the walls. There were loads of Greek people and I understood why they had chosen this cozy place. The atmosphere, the fragrance, the beauty charmed everyone. I ordered a standard breakfast, which I found in menu. I must say it was really tasty. So being calm and fully satisfied I went to explore beautiful places.

I was having a look of the city for approximately 1 hour and finally I understood that it was nothing to do there. I was recommended to visit a peninsula located south of the central part of Chalkidiki – Sithonia. I reached it by bus – and did not regret going there.

What I saw when I got there impressed me. The beauty of nature: clear, blue sky, azure water of the Mediterranean Sea, golden sand, light sea breeze, lush greenery… After my tiresome trip it was a great joy to admire the scenery. I could not even express my feelings.

First of all, I decided to enjoy the Mediterranean coast, so without doubts I headed for a beach. I would lay under the sun, drinking orange fresh juice and eating local fruit, admiring nature, what can be better?

I was invited to play beach volleyball with other people, whom I quickly got acquainted with. They were locals and invited me to hang out together that night. As my hostel was situated in Polygyros, one kind guy Dimitros suggested staying at his house (he lives alone). I was very pleased with it and agreed with pleasure.

It was already evening and we enjoyed the unforgettable sunset. We agreed to meet at 9 o’clock and go to the big city Porto Carras (the biggest resort city on Sithonia) together. Soon we arrived and went out through the night city, there were loads of people, bars and interesting spots.

We decided to have fun in one of the bars, it was great to communicate, drinking Greek wine and dancing all night. I’ll never forget it!

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