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Trip To Continental Greece

Hi guys! I am happy that you continue to read my blog, it’s really great news for me.

As far as you understood, I am going on exploring new countries. I have visited loads of spots, but one place that attracted my attention was the astonishing country named Greece with its rich culture. I’ve heard lots of info that continental Greece rather differs from its islands. So I was interested to feel this difference on my own. As I have already been to the big island of Crete, I decided to visit continental Greece that time.

I booked a ticket to Athens and in 5 days I appeared there. Athens was not my final destination, so I headed for Thessaloniki – the second largest city in Greece and the capital of Greek Macedonia. This great city is considered also as a cultural capital of Greece, because of its cultural life, various festivals and events. But even that was not my final destination, too.

I stopped in Thessaloniki for a few days to explore its places. I stayed at my Greek friend’s house, where I was able to quickly charge my iPhone with Volts Lightning Cable after my long day trips. It was so nice of him to welcome me at his home. His mum prepared some Greek national dishes for breakfast and I was deeply impressed by the unique taste of that food.

There was a pie with cheese and spinach, yogurt, cheese feta with olive oil and olives, fresh vegetables and, of course, home-made coffee – maybe one of the most favorite beverages of Greek people. It was very delicious and hearty food. I was very satisfied and ready to open the new horizons. My friend Kostas suggested having a walking tour around the city. I was very thankful to them for hospitality.

I took us 15 minutes to reach the city center and we immediately appeared at the main square of Thessaloniki – Aristotelous Square, which was designed by French architect only in 1918, because everything was destroyed after the Great Fire of Thessaloniki. We were strolling through the center and observing beautiful architectural buildings, monuments, later we appeared at the street which led to the sea coast where the famous White Tower – the symbol of the city – is situated. Everything (green lanes, streets, monuments) around the sea was charming, but one thing that really disappointed me was sea. It was very dirty. People must save the natural beauty, not pollute it! Kostas tried to distract my attention from it, but unpleasant aftertaste remained up to this time.

He made out to surprise me with fantastic food typical for Thessaloniki. He took me to the local shop, where he bought us Bougasta – famous pastry with cheese, minced meat in filo and, of course, cold beverage – Frappe coffee – foam-covered iced coffee drink. After the long walking tour it was just what I needed. Then we kept on strolling through the city enjoying this wonderful time.

To be continued.

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