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Tuscany: Perfect Place for a Romantic Honeymoon

Tuscany is one of those enchanting places of Italy, which are filled with the unique feeling of romance, high culture and relax. Like the Amalfi Coast, this picturesque place is situated along the coast. Maybe, it is the perfect nature of Tuscany, or the unique atmosphere of creativity and inspiration, but it is the very place where the world-known Italian Renaissance painters Raphael and Leonardo created their masterpieces. Maybe that’s why lots of couples are eager to spend their honeymoon here.

Sometimes people call it the land of Renaissance. After arriving here you immerse into the unique atmosphere of the 15th century with its wonderful architecture and art.

It’s impossible to point out what is most striking for the foreigner here. Everything here is very unique, unbelievably beautiful and… different.

tuscany honeymoon

After your arrival, you’ll definitely want to taste the Italian cuisine. And you’ll be right. You’ll never be mistaken saying that here one can taste the best food and wine in Europe. Even the Italian dishes are filled with the unique air of romance. Perhaps, nothing can be better for a romantic dinner of the two beloved people spending their honeymoon here.

There are lots and lots and lots of places worth seeing in Tuscany. There is never enough time to explore and fully enjoy each of them. For example, visit Siena, a beautiful city which can tell you much about its beautiful Medieval past. Or go to San Gimignano and enjoy its stately towers (they’ve been standing there from the Middle Ages!).

If you have such possibility, go to Arezzo not only to enjoy its cultural heritage, but also to buy some jewelry: this city is one of the major centers of jewelry production in Italy.

honeymoon pisa tuscany

On no account should you forget Pisa with its famous leaning tower. After taking photos, visit the Campo dei Miracoli, a cathedral with a baptistery and a cemetery. It’s another famous historical spot of Pisa.

There are much more things to see in Tuscany. Your honeymoon here will be the most romantic time in your life. Don’t hesitate, buy a honeymoon package and you’ll never regret!

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