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Unforgettable honeymoon in Belize

With its rich and interesting history, numerous activities and possibilities for relaxation Belize is one of the best honeymoon travel destinations in the Central America.

The unforgettable atmosphere of Belize is really unique because of the great Mayan history of this heavenly place. Apart from the historical affluence, this country has an amazing possibility for you to design your honeymoon vacation the way you like. Want to have a relaxed beach vacation? Perhaps there is no more laid-back country than Belize. Want to experience new activities and have lots of impressions? Choose from numerous possibilities for the active holiday, from hiking and caving to fishing and diving.

belize honeymoon

By the way, the caves in Belize are of utter interest for everybody. It is not only the enigmatic beauty of the caves that makes them special, but also the mysterious majesty of the ancient sanctuary (the Mayas believed that the spiritual world can be accessed from the places which are closest to it: from the caves).

Actually, while traveling to Belize you have a great possibility to enjoy the romantic beauty of the underwater world. The Belize Barrier Reef is very popular among tourists. And no wonder: it is the biggest barrier reef in the world after the Australian Great Barrier Reef. The trip to this magic spot can be easily arranged, and you can enjoy the beauty which Mother Nature created for you… Scuba diving and snorkeling activities are always available for your pleasure.

Romantic Belize

Romantic Belize

After enjoying the underwater diversity you can continue your acquaintance with the local fauna and visit the amazing Belize Zoo with its more than 125 different exotic animals. Don’t forget to take your camera and make sure there is enough space!

You can touch the already mentioned Mayan civilization by visiting El Caracol, the famous Mayan ruins. This historical spot is a must during your honeymoon vacation. Here you will find pleasure for your eyes, hearts and souls. There is no person who would have negative memories about this amazing location.

romantic honeymoon in belize

Altogether, Belize is the place which combines all the features of the perfect honeymoon vacation. This amazing country will never let you down, and make the beginning of your new life together really unforgettable!

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