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Romantic honeymoon destination, Venice

If you are seeking for a romantic honeymoon destination, Venice will be the best choice for you.

Dainty manners, exquisite music, gorgeous dinners and fantastic architecture: the whole city makes an unforgettable impression on you.

Dining in Venice would never disappoint you, as it is perhaps the only place where you can taste numerous dainties and gourmet wines served by the fists-class waiters. Sitting in one of the luxurious Venetian restaurants you can imagine yourself accompanying great Italian classics and sharing your dinner with them.

Venice romantic honeymoon

Romantic honeymoon in Venice

Venice is a place which perfectly combines the majestic past, vibrant today and mysterious future. Sometimes it seems you will see the Venetian Doge walking in all his greatness round the corner, or medieval merchants selling their goods from overseas.

You can explore this breathtaking city on foot, or have a gondola ride, but the best option would be to try both of these. Each time you see the city, every building will open itself for you in different hues and aspects, each time getting more and more beautiful.

Venice romantic honeymoon destination

Venice - romantic honeymoon destination

Of course, seeking for some cheap honeymoon packages you should consider booking it some time beforehand.  Obviously, Venice offers a wide variety of hotels, where you will definitely find something up to your taste and wallet. Consider some definite parts of the year when it is more difficult to find the accommodation that suits you, e.g. during February Venice Carnival or September Film Festival, when the city lures numerous crowds of tourists and culture admirers. If you want to book some cheap honeymoon packages there during these months, remember to do this several months before.

There are many hotels in Venice which offer not only luxurious and comfortable housing, but romantic and magic atmosphere of the ancient city.

honeymoon vacation in Venice

Enjoy your honeymoon vacation in Venice

It really doesn’t matter what you choose, as Venice is the perfect romantic honeymoon destination. After visiting it once you will definitely long for it… till you come back here again.

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3 Comments → “ Romantic honeymoon destination, Venice ”

  1. Brian

    6 years ago

    We were spending our vacation in Croatia. We stayed at the rented house near Dubrovnik. Suddenly we found a boat Queen Venice. I, as a true independent traveler and adventure seeker, bought two tickets to this ship. My gf was a little bit nervous as she was worrying about our stuff which we left in our room near Dubrovnik. It was so easy to take her with me. I told her only three words: Venice, Italy, Love :) When we arrived to Venice we bought a travel guide about Venice and from the earliest morning till the evening we traveled and traveled and traveled in that small and magic town. I didn’t know that Venice is situated on a group of 118 small islands. For me it was an amazing new info.
    So if you go to Venice don’t forget to take your beoved with you. If you don’t take her or him with you, you will 100% feel alone in this city of love.


  2. Dan

    6 years ago

    We came to Venice last summer. It wasn’t our honeymoon, just a romantic tour. But it was great! First the Hotel Violino d’Oro. It’s located within 5 minutes from San Marco Piazza. The staff was friendly and helpful. They served delicious meals. Our room was appointed in a traditional Venetian style. It was small but it doesn’t matter, as we spent a lot of time walking in the city, doing shopping. The most interesting thing was watching people going to work or shopping in gondolas and vaporetti. We took a no 2 vaporetti and did the full circular trip of Venice and the Grand Canal. It was a leisurely trip to see the sights of Venice. We adored ancient houses and palaces and churches St. Mary of the Friars, Saint Mark’s Basilica. And famous Piazza San Marco! A lot of tourists, feeding pigeons! Wonderful experience! I’m sure our honeymoon will be in this city!


  3. Stacy

    6 years ago

    Venice is really one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world, praised in hundreds of poems, novels and songs. When I have been to it first I felt as if I was a protagonist of a Hollywood romantic or adventure film. Everything there reminded me about the medieval times, the times of kings and princes. These narrow streets which pass into bridges, the architecture of buildings like Saint Mark’s basilica, Doge’s palace and Rialto Bridge amazed me greatly!
    Another thing that I liked was the possibility to feed pigeons on the saint Mark’s square; they may even sit on your hands, though it is prohibited now, as the birds spoil the roofs and the facades of the nearest buildings.
    I hope to travel there again and again!


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