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Viking River Cruises

Do you consider Europe to be the perfect honeymoon travel destination? Do you want to discover hidden secrets of ancient European cities and enjoy magnificent scenery? Then Viking River Cruises will be the right choice for you.

What distinguishes this company from many other European boat touring ones? Firstly, wide choice of these routs: European rivers Rhine, Main, Seine, Danube, Saone, Rhone, Elbe; Ukrainian Dnipro; Russian Volga and Svir. Viking Cruises also can offer you more exotic itineraries on China’s Yangtze, Egypt’s Nile and Lake Nasser and Vietnam’s Mekong.

Secondly, Viking River Cruises is the world’s largest river cruise line which always takes care of its reputation by frequent modernizations and redesigning of its fleet – and by expanding the number of vessels. Viking River cruises purchases new ships that are even more safe and comfortable.

Romantic honeymoon onboard Viking ships


Of course, comfort is a thing that you really need during honeymoon vacation. In particular, it is comfortable accommodation. And onboard Viking’s vessels you will find cabins that feature outside views (many staterooms have French balconies), private bathroom, hairdryer, TV and telephone, hotel-style beds and air conditioning system. What is more, ships can provide you with calmness of libraries, ideal service in onboard restaurants and bars, and perfect opportunity to enjoy views from a sun deck. Viking Emerald, operating China’s region, even offers gym, sauna, beauty salon and massage services. Calm and comfortable honeymoon! But it is not all…

Panorama Suite

Taking into consideration cultural part of honeymoon journey it should be mentioned that your river cruise will be provided with shore excursions in every port of call. A pleasant bonus is that all guided shore excursions are included in passengers’ cruise fares. But, of course, you may do the sights in your own way.

Generally speaking, all activities and entertainment onboard Viking vessels are arranged in a way to give you better understanding of regions you visit and their cultures. Themed dinners with regional dishes, local musicians, and interesting lectures will fill your honeymoon river cruise with new emotions and impressions.

Finally, while choosing your honeymoon package mind that Viking River Cruises vacation packages usually are all-inclusive: accommodations, onboard meals, most shore excursions and cultural activities are included in cruise price.

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