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Where to Go in Bahamas

The islands of Bahamas are like a beautiful necklace in the treasure house of the Caribbean. Here you are free to choose among the 700 islands. However, it is quite difficult to make a choice: each island is perfect in its own way. Whatever island you choose to be your honeymoon destination, be sure you’ll have the most romantic vacation possible.

While planning to travel to Bahamas keep in mind that best time to have your honeymoon vacation here is from December to April. Actually, it is always quite difficult to find cheap packages during that hot time, and the best way to find the appropriate deal is to use travel search engines like

Although the Bahamas boast a rich diversity of islands there are several spots which are the most popular honeymoon destinations.

bahamas honeymoon

For example, New Providence is perhaps the most popular and populated island of Bahamas (the capital of the Commonwealth of Bahamas, Nassau, is situated here). Crowds of tourists visit it regularly to indulge in numerous beach and water activities, as well as nightlife, shopping and gambling.

Paradise Island, connected with New Providence by an arched bridge, is considered to be the most upscale resort (just imagine a honeymoon vacation with impeccable service and activities – you’ll think you are in a fairy-tale).

Grand Bahama Island is a place to enjoy the laid-back atmosphere along with most interesting entertainment which includes not only watersports and shopping but also caving and Rand Nature Center exploration.

romantic vacation on bahamas

Long Island (yes, it is called so as it is really long: just four miles wide and sixty miles long) offers great opportunities not only to have a romantic time together but also to enjoy fishing. If you both like this activity, Long Island is definitely a perfect honeymoon destination for you. Remember that if you’re going to fish in Bahamas you need a special fishing license (it can be obtained while entering the country).

Of course, there are many other islands, and it is only you to who choose where to spend your honeymoon vacation. But watch out! Don’t choose uninhabited islands!

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