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Why You Should Visit Warsaw

Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Michael and I’m 25 year-old traveler. In this blog I want to share my personal travel experience with you. I’ve visited many countries, so I have lots of things to tell you. I’ll try to give you some interesting and useful information, some places and sightseeing places which are worth visiting, maybe some scary or funny moments from my journeys.

My first note in this blog is about Poland. Poland is a country in Eastern Europe and it’s a part of European Union. I’ve been dreaming to visit Poland for a long time, because I have the polish origin.

I’ve visited Poland in 2014. I chose that time because of the event I wanted to visit. My favorite band “Interpol” was in Euro-tour with its new album. I bought tickets on Heineken Open’er Festival 2014 in Gdynia (Polish port city).

Firstly, I arrived in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. It’s a typical European city (orange roof tiles, narrow ancient streets, huge baroque cathedrals like St. John’s Cathedral). But it seemed that Warsaw had a big influence of The Soviet Union (horrible flatblocks, soviet symbols in some places).

I must say that the old Warsaw city center is like a museum, I’ve been roaming through the streets for hours, wondering the city’s history and ancient spirit. If you travel to Warsaw, you have to visit St. John’s Archcathedral, Palace of Culture and Science (the highest building), Old Town Market Square, Castle Square,the the Baths Palace and Wilanowski Palace. These are the main sights you have to visit.

Let’s talk about their national cuisine. I was in the old center and found the café “U Kucharzy”. Excellent place to try the national cuisine. By the way, I had a funny moment in that café. My iPhone was almost discharged, and I had to charge it. But unfortunately, the plug near my table was broken (be ready for it in your trip). But with my 6.6 feet long Volts Lightning Cable I charged my iPhone from the other plug, which was near the next table. Thank God I charged my iPhone 5s from 0 to 100 percent for less than an hour.

Then I took a bus to Gdynia. The transfer took about 4 hours. Gdynia is a quiet port city. Nothing special, looks just like many port cities in the USA, but a port situated there is really huge. Open’er Festival 2014 was held near the city, near Kosakowo Airport, so I went there.

The concert gave me unforgettable feelings, but it’s not a place to discuss music preferences, you’re reading the travel blog. If you like this story, and it was useful for you information, keep reading my blog!


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